China Air Suspension Turbo Blower

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China Air Suspension Turbo Blower

Gửi bài gửi bởi g34dfsd » 09/04/2020 - 12:54

The Turbo Blowers are specially designed to give a maximum performance, at the same time assuring smooth air delivery across the whole of the performance curve. It can utilize in ambient condition with up to 40º C.
It is constructed for continuous and nearly maintenance-free running turbo blower. The units come complete with a stainless steel enclosure to reduce noise levels to a minimum. This new invented 587 turbo blower has approximately three times the amount output of previous models. It consists of a new silencer that makes it up to 10% quieter.
Product parameters:
1.Heavy duty continuous welded housing, reversible and rotatable
2.Dynamically balanced blower wheel for smooth operation
3.Light weight, low noise, large size, stylish
4.Lifting the eyes is a standard that is easy to operate
It is most applicable for using drying systems and other many other industrial uses including pneumatic conveying, aeration and vacuum holding and lifting.China Air Suspension Turbo Blower
website: ... bo-blower/

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