What you need to know about your koi tattoo

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What you need to know about your koi tattoo

Gửi bàigửi bởi xamhinhnghethuat » 04/09/2017 - 14:40

Koi fish is patience and courage species. Between the pond, the maintenance and koi’s tendency to live a long life is respected, so koi tattoo will require a lot out of you as koi fish. Nowadays, getting a koi tattoo is a trend. Tattoo Saigon gives some information you need to know about your koi tattoo before getting a koi tattoo.

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Stories of koi fish

Tattoo Saigon suggests that before you make the decision to get a koi tattoo, take the time to learn what a koi tattoo will mean. Koi fish is an ancient and worldly species. Therefore, there are many legends about koi fish; you should learn carefully to determine that you are interested with stories about them.

The meanings of koi symbolism

Ancient tales have formed the mythical symbolism of koi fish. Coir is often admired for its endurance and patience when it faced the pond. Koi symbolism represents advancement, determination and courage. In addition, it indicates luckiness in business and somehow, it represents love and friendship.

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The meanings of koi colors

Koi colors can hold various meanings. Gold Koi symbolizes prosperity and it is a very popular color for Koi tattoos, blue koi represents peace. Additionally, red is taken as an energetic color of masculine love and black koi is used to represent the hardship struggle to succeed.

Researching tattoo artists in your area

After you make the decision to get a koi tattoo, do not forget to choose an artist who has style, creativeness fit your vision. Let’s meet him and discuss all you need as size, color, tattoo position. Then, just waiting for the big day. How many times you have to come to the studio depend on how elaborate your design is.

Now, you know what you need to know. Do you want to get a koi fish tattoo on your body ? Let’s come to TADASHI TATTOO, where has a lot of Koi tattoo designs with different styles, each other is one of a kind. Please call 08.3920.2782(For booking) - 0123.9191.978 (Mr.Trung) - 0918.659.068 (Ms.Thư)
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